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It will take a lot of different talents and skills to accomplish the restoration of the Dreger Clock. Everyone is talented differently and we would love to involve the community in the many ways you are able and willing to help.

Below we have listed a few ideas we could think of that you might be able to help. If any of the below needs are ways in which you might like to assist in the restoration of the Dreger Clock, please contact us, or click the links below.

If you have other ideas that are not listed here, please feel free to suggest how you or others might be able to lend a helping hand in preserving this bit of history for future generations.

Project needs and suggestions on how to help:

  • Webmasters / Bloggers
  • Add a link to us in your email signature!
  • Mechanical Experts - donate, discount or bid on inspection/restoration work
    • Clocksmiths / mechanical restoration experts
    • Antique restoration /detailing experts
    • Heavy machinery movers, installers
  • Historians & Researchers
    • donating research time to learn more about the Dreger Clock, related background history and other Buena Park history
  • Writers / Grant writers / Publicity professionals
    • Historical writers for articles, background info on the clock and Buena Park history to donate their skills
    • Experienced Fund raising writers and Grant writers to donate their skills
    • Assistance from Publicity professionals to promote the project.
    • Media promoters – getting the word out to get media coverage
  • Speakers / presenters
    • donate time to talk to community groups about the clock project
  • Reporters / Professional Media
    • Newspaper, TV, Radio, Web news coverage of the project
  • Historical and Genealogical Societies and Community Groups & Clubs
    • Publish info to your members about the Dreger Clock project
    • Hold donation drive for Clock restoration
    • Allow someone from BPHS to come speak to your group about the clock
    • Print and hand out fliers and brochures about the clock to your club
  • Artists – Photographers, sculptors, illustrators, painters, graphic designers
    • Create & donate artwork for the promotion of the project
    • Sculptors or painters to provide artwork or historical marker elements for the installation of the clock in its new location.
    • Page layout and design for fliers, brochures or handouts about the clock
    • Photo and video coverage of events related to the clock project
  • Printers / Mailing services
    • Donation of printing and or mailing services for project mailings
  • Cash donations going toward restoration, installation, upkeep of clock

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